Acnotin 20 – 20mg x 30 capsules by Mega LifeSciences



Trade Name: Acnotin 20
Substance: Isotretinoin
Content: 20mg x 30 softgel capsules
Manufacturer: Mega LifeSciences

Acnotin 20 is a most powerful drug to treat the acne of the male face. Acnotin is a top class drug which has strong anti-estrogenic effect on the human body, but user’s must use it for more than 6-12 months. Acnotin 20 is a popular drug used by the male person to have a clean face. The Acnotin is a most effective drug for the male person which has no major bad effect. The user’s must use the best quality drug Acnotin daily basis to get rid of Acne. Acnotin 20 is a best quality drug for the male person, but a woman should not take this drug. The best quality acne treating drug is available as oral capsule forms which is capable to kill bacteria and make sin dry.

Acnotin 20 is recommended daily for 4 weeks and after 4 weeks user’s must contact with an expert for the next dosage. Acnotin has strong anti-bacterial effect. Acnotin is available as 20mg tablet which shows little side effect on the male person. Acnotin is not a safe drug for the child and woman. One can easily order the best quality Acnotin-20 from the reputed marketplace