Anabol Tablets 5mg x 1000 tablets by British Dispensary




Trade Name: Anabol
Substance: Methandienone / Methandrostenolone
Content: 5mg x 100 tablets
Manufacturer: British Dispensary


Anabol tablets is a popular oral bulking steroid introduced in the market in the 1960s. Anabol is also familiar by different trade name such as Dinabol,  D-Bol, Methanabol etc. Anabol is a best quality oral steroid to add solid weight. Anabol is a reliable steroid to add lean weight. Anabol tablets has slight androgenic effect so this drug is recommended with anti-estrogen.

Why it is used?

The Anabol is taken to improve the quality body mass. The best bulking oral steroid Anabol tablets has a mild anabolic effect. Anabol can enhance the nitrogen and calcium retention. The higher amount of nitrogen enhances the production of amino protein which stimulates the production of bodybuilding protein. Anabol tablets is capable to add more than 10lbs in a month. Anabol 5mg tablet is also able to improve the bone density and red blood cell production. Anabol 5mg tablet is also used to treat muscle wasting. Anabol tablet is recommended 8-12 weeks to add solid body mass.

Dosage and side effect:

Anabol 5mg tablet is recommended daily and it has a slight androgenic effect on the human body. Anabol is recommended daily and the dosage is only 15-40mg daily with 0.5-1mg Arimidex to get solid mass. Anabol never shows major bad effect on the human body.


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