Androlic 50mg x 100 tablets by British Dispensary




Trade Name: Androlic
Substance: Oxymetholone
Content: 50mg x 100 tablets
Manufacturer:  British Dispensary

Anadrolic 50mg tablet is a most effective anabolic steroid to add muscle mass quickly. Anadrolic tablet has slight androgenic effect which enhances the water rentetion but this drug is a most reliable steroid to add quality body mass. Though it has slight water retention, but this drug improves the body mass quickly. Anadrolic is used by the bodybuilders in the off season because this drug has a mild anabolic effect. Anadrolic is capable to improve the solid weight besides this drug enhances the performance level. Androlic 50mg tablet is a powerful oral steroid to treat anemia and osteoporosis. Anadrolic tablet is capable to improve calcium level which improve the red blood cell generation. Anadrolic tablet is a powerful steroid to treat joint problems.

How it works?
Androlic 50mg tablet can increase the nitrogen and calcium uptake. Androlic 50mg tablet enhances the bodybuilding protein because the higher amount of nitrogen stimulates the production of protein. Androlic also help to improve the hemoglobin which improves the circulation of Oxygen. Androlic 50mg tablet is recommended for 6-8 weeks to add solid mass.

Androlic tablet is a recommended daily. The user’s should contact with a doctor for the dosage. Bodybuilders take 100-250mg daily to improve the body mass. The recommended dosage is only 50-100mg for the male and 25-50mg for the female daily.

Side effect and Price:
Androlic has 17th carbon methaylation so this drug never exhibits side effect. It is recommended with anti-estrogen to treat bad effect. It is available widely on the online shop at only $145.