Ansomone 4IU x 10 vials by Anhui Anke Biotechnology



Trade Name: Ansomone
Substance: Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin
Content: 4IU x 10 vials
Manufacturer: Anhui Anke Biotechnology

Ansomone 4IU is a powerful growth hormone manufactured by the Anhui Anke Biotechnology.  Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring hormone to improve the solid body mass. Ansomone 4IU is a most effective hormone which improves the quality body mass. HGH Ansomone is a powerful growth hormone which enhances the bodybuilding protein. Ansomone is a synthetic hormonal drug enhances the 191 amino proteins in the human body. Human growth hormone Ansomone improve the natural growth. Ansomone 4IU is a prescribed drug to treat delayed puberty. It is recommended for the advanced aged people for a better life.

Human growth hormone has a higher anabolic effect on the human body. Ansomone 4IU is capable to improve the muscle mass. Ansomone improve the function of the brain and improve the physical and mental health of the user’s. Ansomone improve the bone strength and it is also capable to improve the metabolic activity. Ansomone 4IU is able to improve the fat burns so this drug is used to treat obesity.

Ansomone is a synthetic hormone which replenishes the growth hormone in the user’s body. Ansomone can improve the production of LH, FSh and testosterone hormone. It is now used in bodybuilding. Customer can only buy the best quality Ansomone showing a medical prescription. One can easily collect Ansomone 4IU from without any prescription.