Danabol DS 10mg x 500 tablets by Body Research




Trade Name: Danabol DS (Blue Hearts)
Subtsance: Methandienone / Methandrostenolone
Content: 10mg x 500 tablets
Manufacturer: Body Research

Danabol DS tablet is a powerful steroid to add solid mass. Danabol tablet is a popular steroid available as oral tablet. Danabol tablet is a best bulking steroid to develop quality body mass. Danabol has a higher anabolic androgenic capacity enhances the solid mass. Danabol is a powerful steroid enhances the body mass of 2-4lbs in a week. Danabol is a recommended for 6-8 weeks.
Danabol tablet is capable to improve the body weight and endurance in a short time. Danabol was introduced in the market in 1960. Danabol is a most used anabolic steroid to gain solid mass. Danabol is a prescribed drug many countries of the world. Danabol promotes the nitrogen retention and deposits calcium in the human bone.
Danabol DS tablet promotes the positive nitrogen balance to add solid mass. Danabol can enhances the red blood cell so this drug is used to treat anemia. Danabol DS tablet has slight aromatization so this drug is recommended with anti-estrogen. Danabol is also stacked with Trenbolone and Winstrol to get the solid mass.
Danabol has a short time active half life in the human body. Danabol DS tablet remains in the human body for only 4-6 hours. Danabol is recommended daily and dosage is only 40-100mg daily.