Di-Anabol-10 – 10mg x 500 tablets by SB Labs




Trade Name: Di-Anabol-10
Substance: Methandienone / Methandrostenolone
Content: 10mg x 500 tablets
Manufacturer: SB Labs

Di-anabol-10 is a powerful anabolic steroid to add muscle mass. Di-Anabol develop solid weight in a short time. Di-Anabol is a reliable steroid to add fat free body mass. Di-Anabol tablet add lean mass without negative effect. Di-Anabol tablet add more than 10lbs in a month. Di-Anabol tablet improve the accumulation of protein because this drug improves the synthesis of nitrogen, potassium and other essential elements. Di-Anabol improve the solid body weight in a short time. Di-Anabol add solid weight because this drug is recommended with anti-estrogen.

Di-Anabol-10 tablet is a powerful gaining steroid develop more than 10lbs in a month. Di-Anabol-10 tablet is capable to add lean weight. Dianabol is also familiar with people by name Anabol, D-Bol and Methanabol. Di-Anabol tablet has a anabolic effect on the human body. Di-Anabol tablet is a top quality steroid improve the body mass. Di-Anabol is a most used oral bulking steroid to develop quality body weight.

Di-Anabol-10 tablet is a best quality anabolic steroid to develop quality body weight. Di-Anabol tablet remains active for only 5-6 hours so this drug develops quality body mass without showing negative effect. Di-Anabol is recommended daily and dosage is only 20-100mg daily.