Di-Anabol-20 – 20mg x 100 tablets by SB Labs




Trade Name: Di-Anabol-20
Substance: Methandienone / Methandrostenolone
Content: 20mg x 100 tablets
Manufacturer: SB Labs

Di-Anabol-20 tablet is a powerful steroid available as oral tablet forms. Di-Anabol tablet add solid body weight without bad effect. Di-Anabol tablet is a strong oral steroid to develop quality body mass. Di-Anabol tablet was introduced in the market in the 1960. Di-Anabol improve the accumulation of nitrogen and potassium to develop solid mass. Di-Anabol is a popular name for the bodybuilders to develop solid mass. Di-Anabol tablet is a genuine steroid to develop body mass. Di-Anabol-20 tablet is a popular steroid to add quality body weight.

Di-Anabol-20 tablet is used for the following:
1. Anabol is used to improve amino protein.
2. Bulk body mass.
3. Solid weight.
4. Improve testosterone.
5. Improve the red blood cell.
6. Treat anemia.
7. Develop bone density and muscle size.
8. Treat weight loss.

Di-Anabol tablet has a slight androgenic effect, so user should take a short dosage of anti-estrogen. Di-Anabol-20 tablet has a higher anabolic capacity which helps to develop quality body mass. Di-Anabol-20 tablet is a short time active oral steroid to add lean weight without major side effect. Di-Anabol is recommended daily and the dosage is only 3-6 tablets daily with a short time dosage of anti-estrogen. User can take Legalon Madaus with Di-Anabol.