Oxandrolone 10mg x 30 tablets by LA Pharma




Trade Name: Oxandrolone
Substance: Oxandrolone
Content: 10mg x 30 tablets
Manufacturer: LA Pharma

Oxandrolone 10mg tablet is a powerful drug to improve the quality body mass. Oxandrolone tablet is a popular drug to enhance the lean mass because this drug has a higher fat burning effect. Oxandroline is capable to improve the fat free solid weight. Oxandrolone is not only able to improve the solid mass, but also capable to improve the performance level. Oxandrolone 10mg tablet is capable to improve the significant amount of the body mass in a month. Oxandrolone is has a higher anabolic effect to add solid mass. Oxandrolone is capable to improve the testosterone hormone production, which helps to develop solid weight.

Oxandrolone 10mg tablet has a higher bulking effect which develops solid mass. Oxandrolone has a mild anabolic effect which improves the quality body mass in a short time. Oxandrolone develop quality body mass. Oxandrolone 10mg tablet improve the solid mass in a month. Oxandrolone can enhance the production of natural testosterone hormone. Oxandrolone is a suitable steroid for the male and female person.

Oxandrolone 10mg tablet is recommended daily and user’s should take the Oxandrolone thrice daily. Oxandrolone is a prescribed drug to develop solid mass. The recommended dosage of the best quality Oxandrolone is only 20-40mg daily.