Sustanon 250 by Organon 3 x 250mg 1ml amps



Ingredient: 4 Testosterone esters;
– Testosterone Propionate (30mg)
– Testosterone Phenylpropionate (60mg)
– Testosterone Isocaproate (60mg)
– Testosterone Decanoate (100mg).
As known as: Sus, Sust, Test Compound
Content: 1 Box = 3 x 1ml amps, each amp 1ml contains 250mg
Manufacturer: Organon

Sustanon 250 vial is a most effective anabolic injectable bulking steroid developed by the Organon Pharmaceuticals. Sustanon is used to improve the androgen hormone. Sustanon is a best testosterone based anabolic steroid which is capable to improve the enormous amount of testosterone hormone. Sustanon is a not a single steroid, it is the blend of four effective testosterone based steroids. Sustanon is a powerful gaining steroid used by the professional to improve the body mass and performance.

Sustanon 250 vial is a best quality anabolic drug introduced in the market in 1980s. Sustanon is an oil based anabolic steroid. Sustanon can release testosterone hormone one month after the injection. To get the quality body weight and performance, user’s recommended taking this drug weekly basis.

Sustanon 250 vial increase the accumulation of nitrogen and calcium uptake which enhances the lean and ripped weight. Sustanon 250 vial add solid weight because it has a higher fat burning effect and it reduces the water retention. Sustanon is capable to improve the red blood cell production, so this drug is an ideal drug to treat anemia. To get more information about the Organon Sustanon, please contact with Buythaisteroid.